Grand Road, Mountain View (July 1st 2015)

01/07/20152015JulyLexus​A Google Lexus model autonomous vehicle (“Google AV”) was traveling northbound on Grant Rd. in Mountain View approaching the intersection of Phyllis Ave. and Martens Ave. in autonomous mode. The two vehicles in front of the Google AV, the Google AV, and the vehicle behind the Google AV were all traveling at a steady speed of ~15 mph. While approaching a green light intersection with stopped traffic on the other side of the intersection, the first vehicle decelerated and came to a stop, keeping clear of the intersection. The vehicle directly in front of the Google AV and the Google AV also decelerated and came to a stop with adequate and similar stopping distances. About 1 second later, the vehicle approaching from the rear struck the Google AV at ~17 mph and did not appear to decelerate prior to the collision. At the time of the incident, the driver, co-driver and rear passenger of the Google AV reported some whiplash. They were driven by other team members to a local hospital, where they were evaluated by medical staff and cleared to return to work. The driver of the other vehicle reported minor neck and back pain. The Google AV sustained minor damage to its rear bumper. The other vehicle sustained significant damage to its front end.Rear-Ended by Another CarGrant Road, Mountain View, California, United StatesMountain View, California, United StatesAutonomous4Google AVOther Vehicle's July 2015 Report