Shoreline Boulevard, Mountain View (August 20th 2015)

20/08/20152015AugustLexus​A Google Lexus autonomous vehicle (“Google AV”) operating in autonomous mode and traveling northbound on Shoreline Blvd. in Mountain View in lane two (the second of three lanes) was involved in an accident. As the Google AV approached the intersection of Shoreline Blvd. and High School way, a pedestrian began to cross the northbound lanes of Shoreline Blvd. in the crosswalk traveling westbound. The Google AV slowed to yield as it approached the crosswalk, and out of an abundance of caution the Google AV test driver disengaged the autonomous technology and took control of the vehicle. A vehicle in lane three to the immediate right of, and traveling in the same direction as, the Google AV was already stopped and yielding the right of way to the pedestrian. A vehicle in the process of changing lanes from lane one into lane two and approaching from the rear struck the Google AV. The Google AV was travelling 5 mph at the time of impact, and braking to stop for the crosswalk. The other vehicle was travelling approximately 10 mph at the time of impact. The Google AV test driver reported minor back pain and was taken to a local hospital by Google employees, where he was evaluated and released by medical staff. The Google AV co-test driver did not report any injuries. The Google AV sustained minor damage to its rear left bumper. The other vehicle sustained moderate damage to its front end and was towed from the scene. The driver of the other vehicle did not report any injuries at the scene.Rear-Ended by Another CarShoreline Boulevard, Mountain View, California, United StatesMountain View, California, United StatesManual1Google AVOther Vehicle's August 2015 Report